Chef and owner Erwin Lauterbach opened his first restaurant called Restaurant Saison in 1981 in Copenhagen and his preference for the very best raw materials soon resulted in a large and very loyal group of regular customers.

Eight years later in 1989 Erwin Lauterbach moved his restaurant Saison north of Copenhagen to Skovshoved, and from 1993 till 2012 the restaurant and its, by then, legendary owner was situated in Hellerup – also north of Copenhagen.

Today, Erwin Lauterbach is back closer to the center of Copenhagen and enjoys the ownership of Restaurant Lumskebugten on Esplanaden situated next to the old customs house at Nordre Toldbod - which also is the home of his company Saison Food.

Vegetables play a central role to chef Erwin Lauterbach. Seasonally vegetables are used both as raw material in the delicious dishes and as informal, stylish decorations in flower-vases, but first and foremost they are a clear indicator of variation over the year.

"Food should taste of what, it is made of. The basis of successful cooking is to catch the essence of the various raw materials and then emphasize the specific flavor."

Over the years Erwin Lauterbach has written several cooking books, he has been a judge at Danish and international gastronomic competitions and has received several distinctions in both Denmark and Sweden.

Ever since the 80´ chef Erwin Lauterbach has been amongst those, who have set the highest standard of Danish gastronomy.