Marinated herring, raw and pickled onion and dill
Marinated herring with curried vegetables, egg and cress
Spiced herring with red onion and dill

Herring from 'Christiansø' with egg yolk, red onion and creme fraiche
Herring from 'Christiansø, onion herbs and potato

Fried smoked herring with parsley mayo, radish and egg yolk
Fried herring with soft onions
Sailor's toast with spiced herring, sardines, egg yolk and red onions on toast


Herring buffet with potato stew
served for all at the table


Smoked salmon from Daniel Letz with scrambled eggs 165
Greenland shrimps on white bread with lemon mayonnaise 145
Greenland shrimps and smiling egg on rye bread 145

Avocado, wild herbs and trout roe 110
 Potatoes, crown dill, mayo and bacon 95

Baked peppar fruit, spicy tomato mayo,
anchovy and fried egg 110

Beef tartare with egg yolk, horseradish and pickles 135
Beef tatar with smoked salmon, fish roe and shrimps 195

Roast beef, tarragoncream and fried onions 110
Roastbeef, soft onions and fried egg 125

Italian ham with fresh truffle,
parsley/spinach cream and poached egg 165
Veal tongue with mushrooms and sweetbread 125
Eco pork brawn, mustard and beetroot 95

Graasten chicken, bacon and toast 135
Cocotte with warm liver paté, beetroot, bacon and mushrooms 95
Vet's night snack 115

Mature cheese, lard, aspic, onion,rhum 95
Blue Bornholm cheese, rye toast, yolk, onion 95
Camembert frites, toast and sweet 95
Variation of good, tasty Danish cheeses 125

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From Dec. 1.-22.open for Lunch and Dinner Mon-- Sat
Parties may be arranged all days



French oysters 40
Danish Limfjord oysters 55
served with 'Lumsk' rye bread toast and shallot vinaigrette

Rye breaded fresh fish
Dill, potatoes and sc. remoulade 125

Salted Faroe Island salmon, potato blinis and trout roe 155

Sweetbread, winter vegetables and soy-ginger marinade 175

-Fresh fish, fried on bone
i.e. sole, lemonsole, turbot, brill, flounder...)...,
Lemon seasoned salad and potatoes 350


Served for all at your table kr. 545

1. serving
LUMSK herring
Spiced Christmas herring
Hand peeled Greenland shrimps and egg
Deepfried fresh fish, sc. remo, lemon
Salted Faroe Island salmon and dill cream
Rye bread, butter, lard with prunes and onions
2. serving
LUMSK liver paté, bacon and mushrooms
Brawn, mustard and beetroot
Smoked cabbage sausage and creamed kale
3. serving
Roast duck breast, prunes, red cabbage
Lightly spiced and glazed eco pork, crisp rind,
Jerusalem artichoke/apple compote
4. serving
Good cheeses, dates and figues
Ris a l'amande and cherry sauce


2 courses 300 or 3 courses 375

2 courses 250 or 3 courses 325

Today's dessert 100

Freshly baked coconut macaroons
or Lumsk kiss - Danish version of marshmallow kisses 35

Please let us know of allergenes
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